New Work: Pee Dee Electric Cooperative Website

We recently worked with the great folks at Pee Dee Electric Cooperative to update and refine their brand identity for the digital age and we’re excited to announce that the first big application to feature the new identity—the new website we also designed for PDEC—is now live! Check it out at

Barry Townsend
New Work: Paragon Saddles Identity

We're excited to share our continuing work for our client Brittany Bird's newest business venture, Paragon Saddles. Brittany has combined her saddle-fitting expertise with the craftsmanship of the UK's top saddlemakers, to provide a beautiful, custom-fitted and hand-crafted saddle at a price competitive with many machine-manufactured saddles. More images are available in the Work section of

Barry Townsend
New Work: Brittany Bird Identity
brittany bird_logo.jpg

We recently launched a fun and memorable new brand identity for Brittany Bird Saddle Fitting and Leather Repair. There are any number of production considerations necessary in the creation of a new logo, such as how effective it will function as a social media icon, but not every logo has to be equally effective when embossed into leather, as this one must be. 

Barry Townsend
New Work: Florence County School District Two

One element from the new brand identity system we recently completed for Florence County School District Two that includes new logos for the district, the two schools in the district, and the athletic teams. Full project coming soon!

Barry Townsend
New Work: Tom Poland. A Southern Writer.

We're excited to share the new logo we created for Columbia-based author, Tom Poland. Tom is the author of twelve books, a columnist and frequent lecturer about the South, its people, traditions, lifestyle and changing culture. Tom is first and foremost a Southern storyteller, so we wanted the logo to be symbolic of his contributions to that grand old Southern tradition of spinning yarns on the front porch and in the parlor, yet still be at home in the modern world of blogs and social media. We found visual inspiration in the wood-type posters from the 40s and 50s that were created to advertise another subset of Southern storytellers: bluegrass and country music artists.

Barry Townsend